Drew Box
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 27/03/1989
Weight: 57kg
Nickname: Drewbie/Boxy
Sport: Triathlon
– Olympic Distance
– Sprint distance
– XTerra

BIO Drew Box

Drew is a 23 year old Elite Triathlete residing from Brisbane, Australia with a long term goal to represent Australia at the Olympic Games and becoming a World Champion. From a young age Drew started competitive swimming like most children and he made the Queensland Academy of Sport Talent Search Team for swimming at thirteen years of age. At the age of 17 Drew was approached by triathlon coach Stephen Moss, who is now the head triathlon coach of the Queensland Academy of Sport. He saw talent and potential in Drew to become a great triathlete and since that day Drew hasn’t looked back. He was eager for a new challenge and in the first 6 months of competing Drew made it into the State team and then continued onto competing at a National Level in the Junior Elite category. This was the point in time when Drew decided that triathlons’ was definitely the sport he wanted to do.

Drew has represented the Elite Australian Team for the past few years. Drew raced as a junior in 2008 and also in the U23 category in 2009 and 2010 World Triathlon Championships. Drew was one of the first male athletes to step up from the juniors and compete in the U23 category in his first year possible. In 2010 Drew placed 10th at the U23 Triathlon World championships held in Budapest, Hungary. In 2011, Drew was crowned U23 Australian Triathlon Champion at the Mooloolaba World Cup and in 2012 Drew was crowned Australian Elite and U23 Sprint Distance Champion at the Geelong Premium Oceania Cup. Drew has also raced various Australian Triathlon Championships, Continental Cups, World Cups and World Champions Serious around the world. He has recently also started competing in XTerra off road triathlons and won his debut QLD state race.
Keywin Pedals – The pedals I use during training and racing are the clipless Road pedals. I find the large surface area helps get the power to the pedal easier. With triathlon you always want a light product and Keywin Pedals are the lightest practical pedals available. The Cleats weigh only 74 grams per pair and the Titanium axles 192 grams pre pair. The best thing about the Keywin clipless Road pedals are that the pedals have a float adjustment that you can customize to the exact amount of float resistance required for an individual rider. This customize float gives you the ability to control the pedal motion and not overload certain muscles and with triathlon this is great as triathlon is a over use sport and we punish our bodies day in and day out to train for 3 different disciplines.
I also like that the Keywin Clipless Road pedals give you the chance to add track adapters. The track adaption kit is unique to the Clipless pedals and is recommended for experienced riders but in my case I use the track adapters for transitions. Towards the end of the bike leg of a race I switch the track adapters up and the pin keeps my bike shoe firmly attached to the pedal which is handy when there are up to 50+ people coming into transition at once and sometimes bikes get knocked around and shoes come off. The track adapter always prevents my bike shoes from coming out of my pedals which is a very important thing in triathlon as if this happens you have to go back and pick it up or even worse get a 15 second penalty. With only an easy flick of the finger on the track adapter my pedals are returned to their everyday use. The clipless Keywin pedals are the only pedals I have used and will use for my triathlon career.

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