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posted by Tyler (Editor) – November 2, 2012 – 1pm EST
Here’s an excerpt of the November 2012 Bike Rumor review.
Keywin’s CRM (Controlled Radial Movement) Carbon Pedals use a completely unique design that puts the float in the pedal rather than cleat.

More specifically, the pedal floats on the spindle, letting the cleat lock into the pedal completely and use the full surface area. As weird as it sounds, it feels perfectly normal. Maybe even better than normal. They post the surface contact area at 3045mm², which they claim is more than any other clipless pedal system out there. The result is a rock solid platform for pedaling, and it doesn’t seem to add any weight.

The float is really what sets these things apart, and it feels good. While riding, the noise actually sounds quite a bit like a Di2 front derailleur auto-trimming itself. On quite a few occasions I looked down to see if, indeed, a ghost in the machine was shifting randomly only to realize it was the pedals.

What’s simultaneously remarkable and unremarkable is that the float feels perfectly natural. There’s no weird sensation because the float is based around the axle. And, fortunately, there’s no undue play around the axle. They spin freely and smoothly, yet the intended float works as advertised.

The cleats are nylon plastic, and they say it should last longer than others. Just looking at the scratches, I’d be worried not knowing the material is supposedly quite hard. Keywin’s US rep says they’ve known several people that have gotten more than 3,000 miles out of a pair. On the pedal, the hook that catches the cleat is quickly replaceable, and the entire pedal body is rebuildable should any one piece fail. Oh, and most of the parts are pretty cheap, too.

A big thanks to Tyler from Bike Rumor who wrote this review about the new Keywin CRM Pedal – read the full review at this link Bike Rumor Keywin CRM

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Keywin pedals have built a steady following since they were released. Here’s what one dedicated Keywin fan had to say over on Bike Rumor.

Craig – 11/02/12 – 4:02pm

I have been fitting Keywin pedals to riders bikes for quite a few years and from your video there needs
to be some additional lubrication inside the pedal, which would normally be done at time of factory assembly, as they are not meant to squeak like that. Although these are the new carbon ones the CRM float works the same as the plastic bodied CRM pedals.

Also engaging is actually quite different than other pedals. As shown in your video the rider clips in with a slight inward twist of the heel, this is unique. The force required to clip into a Keywin is lower than that of any other brand.

The combination of the low pedal/cleat stack height and cleat design with long bolt mount slots means a rider can achieve a more rearward cleat position on the shoe with Keywin pedals. This decreases lower leg strain as less muscle recruitment is required to stabilize the foot during pedaling. For triathletes especially, this means being able to get off the bike and run faster.

I don’t work for Keywin but I do sell them because I really like them for not only the above reasons but also because they make available all spare parts and different axle widths. I just want other people to know of the additional benefits of trying Keywin pedals. And yes of course I do use them myself.